This set of CGI’s has been done during the second COVID 19 lockdown. I based my work on references images I found online made by the talented PETER CLARKE. This place has been designed by BRANCH STUDIO ARCHITECTS, a Melbourne-based super talented Architecture practice.
 It’s a private retreat & multi-functional studio located in Balnarring, Victoria, Australia. I discover BRANCH STUDIO’s work and most specifically this particular project while I was flicking through HABITUS magazine. I had a crush for their work. I really like the minimalistic approach of the house, in term of shape and materials. Raw concrete, plywood, glass and galvanized steel, nothing else, no superfluous elements.
Being self-isolated at home at the moment due to the global pandemic we’re all facing I wish I could escape to this little Australian heaven to benefit from a slow living pace through a peacefull journey alongside Nature.